How to Purchase b.VPN Account Using OneCard

Jan. 20, 2015, 12:57 p.m.

Important Note: OneCard payment is only available via Paymentwall and OneCard Vouchers are no longer available.

What is OneCard?

OneCard is the fastest growing and largest internet payment solution in MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Why?

OneCard has made headlines globally for its unique approach to online services as well as its customer service strategy; i.e., your experience with OneCard will be without fear of theft, fraud or personal information being revealed.

OneCard can be used by anyone who does not have or is cautious about using their credit/debit cards or revealing their financial or personal details online.

OneCard is not only the most comprehensive online payment solution a buyer will ever need, but also a tool that empowers users to shop from over 3,000 merchants and buy Internet connectivity, fixed and mobile communication services, airline tickets, stock market solutions, educational resources and much more.

Recharging your Balance in OneCard

OneCard provides different methods to recharge your balance; such as:

*OneCard Prepaid Cards; available in more than 9000 point of sale, located in more than 20 countries. You can find the nearest authorized distributer easily on OneCard’s website. There is also a “Home Delivery” option.

*Customers who live in KSA can recharge their OneCard balance through bank transfer in case they had an account in Al-Rajhi Bank or The Saudi National Commercial Bank (Al-Ahli). Please note that you have to wait for official working hours of either of the banks, Al-Rajhi or Al-Ahli, for the transfer to be approved.

Other Methods Include:

Bank Transfer

Credit Card

PayPal, and many other ways

Asking for Support

For any inquiry about OneCard, you can review the frequently asked questions. If you didn’t find an answer to your question, you can:

Create a ticket; by sending your suggestion, question or complaint and they will get back to you.

Chat live with any of OneCard’s customer service representatives.

In order to successfully purchase a b.VPN plan, you need to register for a b.VPN account.

To sign up for a b.VPN account, please visit the following link:

For more details, please check the following link:


Prices of b.VPN subscriptions via OneCard points are as follows:

1 month: 40 points

6 months: 195 points

1 year: 350 points

How to buy a VPN account using OneCard in simple steps:

Login to your b.VPN profile by supplying your b.VPN account's email and password in the specified boxes.

You will find an unpaid invoice for one month (by default). You can change the VPN plan by selecting one of the subscription periods on the left of the screen.

Click on the “OneCard” button.

If you already have a OneCard account, enter your OneCard account’s e-mail and password, and click “Pay”.

If you don't have a OneCard account yet, click on "Open new account" and follow the instructions to recharge your balance.

If your payment is successful you will be re-directed to your b.VPN profile in which you will find a Paid invoice with the subscription period you have selected. 

Subscribe now! In case you have a problem or an inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact b.VPN technical support team via live chat widget 24/7.